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Very pleased!! I came with clear goals in mind of what I wanted to learn and the course exceeded my expectations. Michael Jelbert, Functional Personal Training


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Book now - 3-Day NLP Fitness & Sports Coaching Diploma


January 26th to 28th 2018 - Warrington

September 21st to 23rd 2018 - Warrington


£390 Individual Booking
GROUP of 10 - £3120 (includes 20% discount for bookings of 10)


Just wanted to say extra thanks for delivering such an engaging, motivating and inspirational course. I can now say that the future is looking much brighter.
If your aim was to make 1 degree of change in a person’s life then you can be very humbled, as you have succeeded in changing about 10 degrees of my life.
I'm going to continue exploring and implementing what I have been taught and who knows in a year’s time that 10 degrees might be 20!!! Thank you so very much.

Chris Scott, Midlands PT

A well-structured course and delivered professionally. Your experience in the fitness industry and application of NLP showed in abundance and you always had an answer to every question or an example to give. Exceeded my expectations and I liked your passion for the whole subject.

WO Michaela Barwick, Military Exercise Therapist

This course truly has been the best course I have ever completed. I thought it was brilliant; I really enjoyed it and got loads out of it. I have never been so switched on over a fully intense 3-day course; you kept me alert throughout, just great work on your behalf. I will certainly recommend you!

Richard Marsh, Manchester Personal Trainer & Tutor

After being in the military for 14 years, I've done many courses but don't think any of them have been quite as engaging as this one. As each layer of the course was revealed it was like turning the squares of a Rubik's Cube and realising that all the colours matched. Each day just seemed to fly by and at the end it seemed such a shame to leave. The venue and hosts along with Sharon's style of teaching and relaxed nature helped to make it an enjoyable experience and I'm sure that this is one of the most beneficial courses I've done that can relate to everything.

Rob Arnold, RAPT Fitness




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