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NLP to Build Rapport, Motivate and Support Change

NLP to Build Rapport, Motivate and Support Change  

NLP to Build Rapport, Motivate and Support Change in Business

Mindbody Solutions Ltd
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Solutions 2 Success

Sharon Jones and Debbie Sweeny of Solutions 2 Success offer sales, management and interpersonal skills training. Sales, presenting with impact, negotiation, leadership and account management.


NLP to build Rapport,  Motivate & Support Change
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Courses include:

  • Sales
  • Presenting with impact
  • Negotiation
  • Leadership and account management
Sharon Jones   Debbie Sweeney

Click here to email or call 01925 714113 or 07990 532774 to book this course now.

"The training and trainer were outstanding. The structure was superb and extremely relevant to my day to day sales activities, I look forward to putting all I have learnt into practice and creating and maximising my opportunities. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the course and Sharon as a tutor."

Jamie Stockton – Maxa technologies



Course Benefits

Build and manage relationships effectively, adapt to change & motivate yourself to achieve your goals.

Be more effective and efficient in your role, build relationships & communicate information well.  

Sales Executives
Develop deeper relationships with your customers to win more business & motivate yourself for sales success. 

Managers & Business Owners
Use NLP as a performance coaching tool, build and manage your team effectively & facilitate change.

This course is ideally suited to anyone who wants to be able to communicate at a deeper level, build & manage relationships effectively, coach self or others, help facilitate change personally or professionally, understand people's motives and be more effective and efficient in your role. 

Key learning

  • Understand what NLP is & how this can help you personally & professionally.
  • The 4 Pillars of NLP (rapport, flexibility, outcome setting & sensory awareness).
  • Develop skills to build rapport & communicate at an unconscious level for highly effective communication.
  • Understand Cognitive Behavioural processes (Mental Maps) and how this impacts what we and others do to drive excellence.
  • Learn how you can use NLP to motivate yourself & others.
  • How to use NLP to coach yourself or others for success and as part of a performance tool.
  • Develop skills to effectively facilitate transformational change for yourself & help others adapt to change more positively.
  • Learn ways to explain complex or important information well so people remember and understand.

This course is also available in house and can be tailored to your specific needs. Call 01925 714113 or 07990 532774 or click here to email for more information.




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NLP to Build Rapport, Motivate and Support Change
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